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About myON

myON is a literacy environment that helps transform teaching and learning. Watch a video about our literacy focus.

Community of Readers

Learn how you can engage students, educators, parents and community stakeholders to close the literacy gap.

Reading Success in Texas

Learn how myON enhances literacy teaching and learning in school districts across the country and the state of Texas.

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myON Overview

Transform Learning

myON is an award-winning, state-of-the art learning platform. View or download a complete guide to the myON Personalized Literacy platform.

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Achieving Reading Readiness

Reducing the Literacy Gap

Unlimited, anytime-anywhere access to a vast digital library means children can read frequently with teachers, family members and caregivers, increasing time spent reading.

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Literacy Tools

Building Strong Connections

Literacy Tools support the development of close/active reading and writing skills in learners and provide educators with an opportunity to model, review and evaluate learning.

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